We Are Hilo

Our mission is to create garments that express your individuality without words. Hilo is the Spanish word for thread, as a species we wrap ourselves in it every day, therefore we find it important to wrap your self in what you love.       
Founded by young entrepreneur Bella Ocampo; our inspiration comes from the nature that surrounds us, and the women that created us.   
Our pieces are handmade in Nicaragua by female lead teams, empowering the entrepreneurial women of our world. We keep strong relationships with our production team to ensure fair payments as well as healthy working conditions.
All of our production partners are family owned business, passing down the knowledge of printing, sewing, and designing with each generation. 
The more we develop, the more we are aiming to produce our apparel with the environment in mind. Though nothing can be 100% sustainable, our goal is to minimize the things we can control; such as water, fabric waste, and the production process. We print our swimwear fabric through light and heat in the process of sublimation, meaning no grey water pollution or water waste. All of our packaging used for shipping is also 100% recycled material and 100% compostable, and you can expect to see more eco fabrics/ collections in the future! The goal is to constantly grow for the  better, and to take simple steps towards producing without causing harm to our world.
All of our swimwear and apparel are made in small batches to reduce waste, as well as to ensure a constant up-cycle of new pieces for men and women.
Practicing slow fashion manufacturing means we do not follow fast pace production times, we never (ever) throw our unsold items in landfills, and we ensure that all of our scrap fabrics are used to create re-usable bags & up-cyceld collections. Rather than following fast fashion trends, we create original pieces that are timeless, loud in color, and as expressive as the individual wearing the garment.