A girl with her hands on her hips is wearing a set of overalls in the a black color. The overalls' pant legs hit her mid calf and she is wearing a white shirt underneath the overalls. The overalls have two straps that can be adjusted with the two buttons on each strap. The girl wearing the overalls has dark short red hair and has blue eyes, her skin is fair and she has a smirk on her face.
This image is of a girl whose back is facing us. She is wearing a white t-shirt under the black overalls she is wearing. The overalls are black and made of a soft linen, the overall pants hit her mid-calf, and the straps that connect to the front of the overalls make an X shape on her back.

Adjustable Overalls: Black Linen

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Boxy overall pants. Lightweight, and perfect for dressing up or down. 

Hand wash and air dry. Made of 100% linen.