This is a photo of a girl wearing overalls, the photo does not show her face, just the outfit she's wearing. She is wearing a black t-shirt under the bubblegum pink colored overalls. The overalls' pants leg hits her mid-calf. the overalls have two straps on either shoulder that are used to adjust the length of the overalls. There are two large pockets on the low sides of the overalls where the model is resting her hands.
This image is of a girl wearing bubblegum pink overalls. The models back is facing us, and the overalls are pants that hit her mid calf. There are two straps on either shoulder that can be adjusted and they make an X on the back of the model.

Adjustable Overalls: Bubblegum

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These boxy overalls can be adjusted 3 different lengths at the straps, and are made of a soft and stretchy cotton. They fall at the mid-calves and have wooden buttons, and are perfect for a comfy and stylish outfit. 

We recommend to wash this in cold water and tumble dry to make last years!