There's a model wearing black and white overalls. The overalls have two straps that are on either shoulder that can be adjusted by the two black buttons on the end of the straps. The overalls hit the models mid calves, and the overalls from a distance look grey due to the small black and white pattern that is on the fabric.
The model in this photo has her back facing us and is wearing pair of overalls that are black and white. The overalls from afar appear to be grey because of how small the black and white pattern is on the fabric. There are two straps that go over the shoulders of the overalls that form an X on the models back. These straps can be adjusted with two buttons.

Adjustable Overalls: Salt and Pepper

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Boxy overall pants that are perfect for dressing up or down. Can be adjusted at the straps with the buttons.

Machine wash. Made of 100% polyester.