Shows a model wearing a strapless one piece swimsuit that is blue.
This photo shows the same one piece swimsuit, but in the color white. The model is facing us.
This photo shows the strapless one piece swimsuit on a model facing us. She is wearing the swimsuit in the color black and white snake print.
This shows a model wearing a strapless one piece  swimsuit, her back is facing us. There is a fabric band that goes across her mid back. The swimsuit is in a shade of bright red and blue and yellow flowers.
This shows a photo of the swimsuit from behind, the swimsuit is in a color with small black dots all over the white swimsuit. There is a tie in the back of the suit, as well as a fabric band going halfway down across the models back
This photo shows a model wearing the same strapless one piece swimsuit, she is facing us. The swimsuit is in the color red.
This is the swatch photo of all of the colors available and the names of the colors.

The Domingo One Piece

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A strapless one piece with a back tie to adjust! This piece sits high on the hips. 

Hand wash, air dry.  95% nylon 5% spandex.